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From 1994 to 2000, I helped communities enter the Third Millennium with passion and purpose.

The Talk 2000 Forum Tutorial

Participation in the Talk 2000 Forum One way to describe the Talk 2000 forum would be as a new millennium “learning community” to use a buzzword by Peter M. Senge. His book, The Fifth Discipline, describes his ideal of organizations working in community to encourage team learning, build shared vision, uncover mental maps, encourage personal mastery and solve […]

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Resources on the Bimillennial

Discover millennial groups and authors

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Shaping the Great Millennium

Here is an early essay on what the turn of the millennium would bring by by Don Toppin, Canadian composer, educator and philosopher.

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The Millennium: Are You Ready For It?

John Ohliger, the author of The Millennium Survival Kit, asks, Are we Ready for 2000?

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WAYSEE 2000–Fact File

The World Association for Celebrating Year 2000, founded by John Goodman in 1963, is voluntary, independent and worldwide.

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Talk 2000 Store

Shop from the Talk 2000 gift list

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