Join me & earn your Doctorate

Are you a practicing futurist? If you have done it all in life, and now want to give back to the field, I encourage to join me in studying for your Doctor of Strategic Leadership at Regent University. Since 2004 I have done the same, and applied futures studies to it.

I served in the private and public sectors for over 20 years. Many times I considered getting a PhD, but never did. Now after working as a project manager, entrepreneur and strategy consultant, I finally decided I had done it all.

I made money, I lost money; I organized strategic alliances, I launched out on my own, only to look back and see no one following! I know I can leverage my skills. I understand platform leadership and innovation. For me it was no longer a matter of just doing, but finding a way to invest in others, and change both society and its culture at a deep level.

As I reached the Sabbath age of 49 I realized I could take a different tack, and play a different end-game. I enrolled in PhD, that allowed me to continue working, at least part-time. After four years I wrote my dissertation on the future-readiness of strategic leadership.

What about you? Where are you on your own journey? Have you built a career, and now want to extend your vocation to serve future generations?

If you are a mid-career professional that is ready for change, consider joining me via Regent University. Look into how you might get a Doctor of Strategic Leadership and apply futures studies to that. In the summer of 2007, I began full time as an assistant professor with the School of Business & Leadership.

I am looking for a few good souls who want to bend the curve of the 21st century, and raise their own game as scholars and practitioners.

If you are someone who can carve out 26 study hours a week to invest in your future, you could be a candidate. You would take two 3 hour credit courses for 3 years or 9 semesters. The first 18 months would be “core” courses. By your 5th semester, presuming you would study year round (with December, April and August off), you would start taking electives. Here is where you could really apply strategic foresight.

The focus of the Regent Doctorate is on professional practice, not theory. The DSL degree is for folks who want to solve problems at deep levels, through improving work in their respective professional practice.

Regent’s strength is the human side of leadership. It is known for its research into Servant Leadership. It is a private Christian university much like Notre Dame. It is ecumenical, and anyone can study there, whatever their religious background. The tuition is competitive, but set at rates for those in the global North. But the flexibility in the program and especially through the elective track allows you to study your electives, while living in the third world.

The School of Business & Leadership has a commitment to the field of futures studies. We offer a M.A. in Strategic Foresight and our 3rd year Doctoral students or DSLers can take their final year in foresight studies.

The real reason I earned my Doctorate was to strengthen the discipline of futures studies. I invite you to join me. Let’s raise up dozens of new Doctors that can teach, research and publish in futures studies and strategic leadership; and define the next generation of both theory and practice in this vital practice to build the enterprises of tomorrow.

There are other options, of course. But none, IMO, are as well grounded in values, leadership, strategy, and thought leadership than Regent’s PhD. We accept applicants year round in this program, and in as little as 50 months, you could be embarking on a significant career change both as a professional futurist and a Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Leadership.

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