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Trace the History of Talk 2000

Trace the History of Talk 2000 People have been talking about the year 2000 long before the¬†Talk 2000¬†forum was launched. This essay introduces five key conversation threads about the millennial year, which have kept people talking about 2000 for the past 30 years. Threshold 2000 Trends 2000 Agenda 2000 Renewal 2000 Jubilee 2000 Threshold 2000 […]

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The Star of 2000

In 1994 I wrote “The Star of 2000” that called the church to celebrate the millennium as Jesus’ 2,000th jubilee. Here was a website I used to promote Holy Land 2000.

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John Paul II: At the Threshold of the Third Millennium

Of all religious leaders approaching 2000, the pope was clearly the most articulate voice on the subject. He seems to have caught a vision for year 2000 celebrations before anyone else, and claimed the dynamic energized his papacy in a unique way.

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