Jay Gary to Take the Longview from LETU!

JayGary.linkedin.2014I have always valued getting the big picture on what is ahead of us. I am pleased today to announce that I have accepted a new position that will allow me to do more of that for you, as director of graduate business programs at LeTourneau University (LETU) in Longview, Texas. 

LeTourneau University is a nationally recognized, top ranked private Christian university, known for its programs in engineering, aviation and business. It ranks #1 in the nation for CCCU schools on Tuition ROI in career earning power. I will direct four of its graduate programs in business administration (MBA), strategic leadership (MSL), health care (MHA) and a new program in engineering management (MEM), set to launch in January. This will involve the things I love the most, course development, faculty development, and learner development through participatory networks. 

In addition, as a tenured associate professor, I will be able to advance my research in strategic foresight, teach ‘Entrepreneurial Leadership’ in the new MEM and MBA program, and speak to business groups on topics such as ‘future proof your company’ to help managers respond to trends that are reshaping their industries.

See the full press release by LeTourneau University, June 3rd.

Student Center at LETU

Allen Student Center at LETU

I am indebted to Dr. Bruce Winston and the faculty of Regent University’s School of Business and Leadership, who gave me the opportunity in 2004 to build one of the premier graduate programs in strategic foresight in the nation. With their support, 600 mid-career professionals took courses in futures studies, 25 earned their master degree in foresight and 35 earned their doctoral degree in this field. If success in leadership is succession, I consider my successor and former student at Regent, Dr. Virginia Richardson, to be more than capable to take the Strategic Foresight program to new heights.

I view my new work from Longview as taking up the Great Work of our time, to bend the curve of the 21st century toward greater liberty, equity and access for the under-served. I am pleased to join professional colleagues at LeTourneau University who are focused on empowering “every workplace, every nation.”

If I have served with you in some way over the past 20+ years, let’s keep in touch. I will be two hours east of Dallas, Texas, right off I-20. Let’s practice the art of the Longview, and let’s do something great together for the generations to come.

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