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The Millennium: Are You Ready For It?

John Ohliger, the author of The Millennium Survival Kit, asks, Are we Ready for 2000? Continue reading

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Free Floating Spirituality will Drop New Roots

To glimpse the future of religion and spirituality, The Gazette turned to Jay Gary, a Colorado Springs author, consultant and futurist specializing in religion and the new millennium.  Continue reading

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Talk 2000 Store

Talk 2000Talk 2000 Store
You are welcome to browse. We are working hard to make ordering as convenient and secure as possible [not taking orders in 2001]


The Millennium Book
Gail & Dan Collins, $9.95 (25% off!)
Take a fun look at the year 2000 and its festivities. Contains 26 top-ten lists of the last millennium, including the Top Tunes, Ten Worst Wars, or Twelve Greatest Women. Perfect for any Millennium’s Eve trivia buff who wants to get ready for “the biggest New Year’s Eve in a 1,000 years.” 
The Star of 2000
Jay Gary, $10.95
A new star of Bethlehem has now appeared–the year 2000. This spiritual magnet is now drawing our civilization, which began with the birth of Jesus, to celebrate its 2,000th anniversary. Stories, inspiration and projections combine to share how this journey of hope will unfold from 1996 to 2001 to become the greatest celebration in the history of civilization. 
Megatrends 2000
John Naisbitt, $5.95
Megatrends gurus predict the top ten new directions of the ’90s including the rise of the Pacific Rim, a renaissance of the arts, more women leaders, and a religious revival. Includes two excellent sections on why the year 2000 is the most compelling symbol of the future in our lifetimes. 
Century’s End
Hillel Schwartz, $32.95
Here is the definitive cultural history of the fin de siecle, from the 990s through the 1990s. Explains how the “century-end effect” will impact the ’90s, from the fear of decay and fantasies of renewal. Superb material on “The Legend of the Year 2000”–a storehouse of research. Hardback.
The Anniversary Compulsion
Peter Aykroyd, $16.95
A classic study of how a mega-anniversary can be successfully conceptualized and staged, based on Canada’s experience with their centennial in 1967. Offers anniversary axioms for the unprecedented worldwide celebrations at the advent of the 21st century. Excellent reading for civic or corporate leaders planning bimillennial celebrations.
William Johnston, $32.95
A study of the “cult of anniversaries” in Western Europe and United States today from a postmodern perspective. Covers the great calendar, the humanist tradition and the power of bimillennial consciousness. Hardback.
Looking Backwards: 2000-1887
Edward Bellamy, $4.95
As people prepared to celebrate the turn of the century a 100 years ago, the most popular book of the day was about life in year 2000. Bellamy famous novel told how a Boston insomniac woke up in September 2000 to find a near perfect world.
The Millennium Myth
Michael Grosso, $22.00
From Joachim of Fiore to Adolf Hitler, from Lenin to Gaia, the twists and turns of the millennial myth is weaved. Grosso claims that in our day technology and alternative spirituality also shape the prophetic vision of the western world. Hardback.
Pablo Neruda, $10.95
Neruda (1904-1973), the Nobel Prize poet from Chile, embraces the “three equal, commonly shared zeros” and weighs our history in the balance. 2000has been called Neruda’s “missal of presentiments and his prayer book of survival” in the human struggle to achieve the longed-for peace of a new history.
Reinventing the Future
Rushworth Kidder, $18.95
What new century resolutions should humanity make as it enters the 21st century? Here is an “Agenda 2000” with 95 global goals in the areas of development, peace, civilization and ethics. Hardback. 
The Millennial Project
Marshall Savage, $16.95
We live on a planet that cannot sustain the twin problem of overpopulation and environmental destruction. In order to survive, Savage proposes we must reach the stars by building up a space-based civilization “in eight easy steps.” Introduction by Arthur C. Clarke.


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