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How to Think Like a Futurist

Recently I was asked to develop a course that anyone could take on how to think like a futurist. What emerged was a 16-week elective, A&S 392: Contemporary Futurist Thought: From H.G. Wells to Ray Kurzweil.  Continue reading

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Why Futures Studies Needs a Theory Base

This paper explores how a PhD in Futures Studies, if refocused on theory-building could create anticipatory theories across the social sciences, and buttress the work of a new generation of futurists. Continue reading

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Strategic Foresight: Look to the future to plan today

Strategic foresight is a new name for a core practice that leadership teams use to learn about the shifting forces shaping their ministry landscape 3 to 10 years out. It engages them in critical thinking and ‘what if’ debates. It takes a team beyond budget or policy assessment to allow open learning and strategic conversations to craft a long-term adaptive strategy.
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