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Terra Nova: The Religious Quest for Tomorrow

It was on July 17th, 1997, an unusually hot summer night in San Francisco. I walked down the hill to the Embarcadero district. There I entered the Hyatt Regency to address a session of the World Future Society. Continue reading

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In Service of the Future

Dr. Jay Gary, evangelical author and leadership scholar reflects on his experience as a religious futurist, and challenges religious activists to study the future of faith and society, in the context of their own traditions.

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The Power of Mu

Expand your vision–past, present and future! Rather than live as a “Me” generation, a “Mu” generation would live with a 200-year notion of the present. Discover how you can be a living letter to make all things new. Continue reading

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Unmasking Religious Terrorism

Increasingly religion and violence, piety and pandemonium are being mixed in a volatile and deadly cocktail. From the Oklahoma City bombing to the massacre of innocent worshipers at the Mosque in Hebron, true believers are translating their visions of cosmic warfare into acts of terrorism. How then can biblical renewal take the church beyond its war on the world? Continue reading

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Free Floating Spirituality will Drop New Roots

To glimpse the future of religion and spirituality, The Gazette turned to Jay Gary, a Colorado Springs author, consultant and futurist specializing in religion and the new millennium.  Continue reading

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