Terra Nova: The Religious Quest for Tomorrow

It was on July 17th, 1997, an unusually hot summer night in San Francisco. I walked down the hill to the Embarcadero district. There I entered the Hyatt Regency to address a session of the World Future Society.

That night I received the Earl Award from their religious track, in recognition of my writings on “The Star of 2000.” In receiving the award, I spoke on need to stir up our collective imagination as we looked to the Millennial Year 2000 as a doorway to all our tomorrows. Since then I have had the privilege to speak to the World Future Society on subjects ranging from the future of cities, to business, or higher education.

It has been nearly two decades since that warm evening in San Francisco. Many leaders of the “religious futurists” network of the World Future Society have passed away. Last Fall, the Society asked me to convene a featured session on the future of religion at their summer conference in Orlando, July 11-13, 2014.

In addition to a pre-course I led for foresight educators, and a session on Foresight Careers, I hosted a panel entitled “Terra Nova: The Religious Quest for Tomorrow.”

My starting point was simple: religious imagination first framed our quest toward tomorrow. Can it still move us in the twenty-first century to recreate our worlds?

Please see my article in The Futurist magazine that highlighted how I introduced my panelists. It features what they have done to embody a spirituality of the future that believes in the fullness of humanity and, in turn, allows their lives to be transformed by their relationship with the Absolute. 

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