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Terror in America: How Should We Respond?

September 11th has challenged America to root out the political and cultural factors that feed terrorism. But could our own millennial prophecies have provided Bin Laden’s network with further ideology to wage Holy War? As we look back at this anniversary, has America really drained it’s own swamp of ideology¬†which fed this heinous act? Continue reading

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Mopping Up Mega-Evils

Let’s not stop with just terrorism. If we can focus on restraining terrorism, Jay Gary asks, what is keeping us from tackling other mega-evils that cause a greater drain on the world’s health and wealth? Continue reading

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Unmasking Religious Terrorism

Increasingly religion and violence, piety and pandemonium are being mixed in a volatile and deadly cocktail. From the Oklahoma City bombing to the massacre of innocent worshipers at the Mosque in Hebron, true believers are translating their visions of cosmic warfare into acts of terrorism. How then can biblical renewal take the church beyond its war on the world? Continue reading

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