Can Entrepreneurs Save the Planet?

In the Fall of 2007, I began teaching the first course in an Entrepreneurial MBA at Regent’s School of Business & Leadership. The course was BMBA 601: “The Future of Commerce.” Here is why.

This was the first in a 7-course online entrepreneurial MBA. The focus was on how entrepreneurship can create and change culture, economy and community service.

Given this program will be offered worldwide, our Dean asked me to develop it without textbooks! That meant using journal articles, online media, and executive summaries–to build in 7-hours a week in reading. The three emphasizes of the course are foresight, creativity and innovation. Students appreciate the role that for-profit enterprises can play in envisioning future needs, stimulating creativity in teams toward new product development, and leading innovation programs at the organizational level.

Here are some of the questions the course opens with:

  • How can businesses consider the future, change, and uncertainties in a way that focuses commercial strategy?
  • How can businesses identify trends and emerging issues on their horizon that will likely shape their strategic thinking and entrepreneurial decisions?
  • How can civic leaders develop areas that are attractive to businesses and promote sustainable economic growth?
  • How can biblical hope remain true to its roots, but creatively participate in the human future?

This course is organized around 7 two week periods of work. They are:

  1. Innovation: Developing the Capacity within the Organization
  2. Foresight: From Scan to Plan – Seeing What Others Are Not Able to See
  3. Ideas: What Will Work in the Marketplace?
  4. Disruption and Punctuated Equilibrium: Opportunities for Success
  5. Transformation: Insight from Scripture
  6. Business Site Selection: Understanding Regional Foresight, Growth, Development, and Change
  7. Social Entrepreneurship

This is a great way to start an MBA, isn’t it? Can entrepreneurs really step up to the plate as social and global leaders? Yes, claims, Sir Richard Branson, in a recent BusinessWeek article.

If you are ready to earn an MBA, and want to study it under entrepreneurs, futurists, strategists, and proven business leaders, check out Regent‘s online and campus programs in this area. We will help you sharpened your skills and business acumen to participate on our national Enactus (Students in Free Enterprise) competitions.

[By 2011, my teaching load in the Doctor of Strategic Leadership and the Master of Strategic Foresight grew to where I stopped teaching 601, but Regent MBA still focused on finding new business ideas that will shape the future.]

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