Get Future Savvy about Change

Why do some business predictions seem to hit the nail on the head while others miss their mark so badly? What do some companies and analysts have that others don’t?

Future SavvyIt is not a crystal ball! I just posted a review on for Future Savvy, an exciting new book which has just reached into their top 100 books on planning and forecasting.

It starts this way… You will not find a better book than Future Savvy on how to cultivate a forecasting mindset. I teach futuring workshops for mid-career professionals. I have just adopted Future Savvy as a textbook for my graduate students. Why? Future Savvy is accessible. It contains a wealth of managerial wisdom about bias traps, perceptive frameworks, change drivers and change blockers.

If you want to read more, and buy a great book on strategic foresight, catch my full review.

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