Managing Change Webinar

Recently I did a Managing Change webinar as part of a continuing education program at my university.

Competing Values FrameworkWe know that uncertain times call for certain action. But how do you lead change in today’s challenging environment, and not lose your center of gravity? How do you move from being reactive to proactive?

A big part of the answer is knowing your core values as a team and finding your center of balance. In this webinar I will give you the tools to profile your company’s current culture so you can unleash your core competencies.

Note my core graphic. Over time, companies tend to gravitate toward an emphasis on the Control and Compete culture types, away from their entrepreneurial beginnings. Once an organization is dominated by the lower two quadrants, they may struggle to emphasize the upper two quadrants. At that point, it is very difficult for managers to shift the culture back to a Collaborate or Create culture.

:: Score your organization on the Culture Profile survey
:: Identity which trade offs must be balanced to thrive
:: Discover best practices of change campaigns

Benefit and Use
:: Expand your skills to lead and manage change
:: Map your current culture; envision your desired corporate culture
:: Use your Impact Seminar handouts in your organization

DR. JAY GARY is a recognized expert in managing change and helping groups create forward pathways. He serves as the program director of the Master of Strategic Foresight at Regent University, building on 20 years of work in the nonprofit, pubic and private sector.

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