PeakFutures marks its 10th year

Based on more than a decade of management consulting, in 2003 I formed PeakFutures as a firm to offer foresight training, research and assessments for teams and organizations.

Simply stated, our aim is to help managers and teams climb higher and see further. 

Through research and organizational assessments, we help teams understand their foresight styles and strategic readiness.

Through webinars, training, consulting, we help public, private and non-profit enterprises foster strategic conversations that explore the future of their sector, ten to twenty years out.

We also offer basic and advanced certificate training in strategic foresight to managers through our Center for Professional Development.

Our latest projects have helped universities launch new online & hybrid programs in business, technology, and strategy through leveraged instructional technology across degrees, concentrations and majors.

Whatever the mountain in front of you, we can help you can climb that rock, and future proof your enterprise.

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