Springs 2000 Commission

The Springs 2000 Commission was organized from 1999 to 2001 as support the Pikes Peak Millennial Season through calling forth community projects and special events to help Colorado Springs citizens remember the past, celebrate the present and anticipate the future.

Here is the Springs 2000 media that Jay Gary produced to kick off the inaugural meeting of this Mayor’s Commission.

Springs 2000 logo the Pikes Peak Millennial Season

  • The Springs 2000 Commission exists to identify, encourage and assist community-wide millennial projects and events from 1999-2000 in the Pikes Peak region among business, technology, health, education, environment, military, religious, arts, sports and tourism groups.
  • The Commission is formed as an educational non-profit and consists of an Advisory Council, a working Task Force and a full-time manager. The Mayor of Colorado Springs serves as the Honorary Chair of the Springs 2000 Commission, with Mary Ellen McNally and Norm Palermo as co-chairs. Both the City of Colorado Springs and the El Paso County Comissioners have passed resolutions to endorse the “Pikes Peak Millennial Season.”
  • Springs 2000 has been formed over the last year and a half by an ad-hoc group of leaders from such groups as the Economic Development Corporation, the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, the Convention & Visitor’s Bureau, Norwest Bank, Colorado Springs Symphony, municipal government, and special event organizers: namely, Julie Boswell, Nancy Bramwell, Jay Gary, Rita Garza, Lynn Pelz, Lea Roads, Bill Ruskin and Elizabeth Youngquist.
  • The inaugural meeting of the Springs 2000 Commission was on January 14, 1999, to open the Pikes Peak Millennial Season. The Commission is now working to call the community to “Make your Mark!” on the millennium. A season of preparation will be followed by commemorations, starting in the fall of 1999. A special gala at the Antlers Adam’s Mark on New YearĂ•s Eve 1999, will initiate a series of events through the year 2000, to highlight how various community sectors might shape the Pikes Peak region in the new century.
  • Criteria will be established for the use of the official logo and slogans by existing non-profits. A sponsorship package will be offered to corporations. A memorabilia program will also promote the use of the Springs 2000 trademarked logo on licensed products to promote visual unity.
  • Springs 2000 will be characterized by a variety of activities, undertaken by a coalition of community groups, looking back to 1900 and anticipating the growth of our community out to 2100, including:
    -hosting of conferences, convocations, lectures, seminars.
    -publication of commemorative books, pamphlets, and compact discs, videos.
    -development of time capsules, photo displays and mobile exhibits;
    -competitions and awards for historic, artistic, literary, musical pieces;
    -issuance of commemorative medals, curios, stickers and stamps;
    -distribution of a calendar of programs to promote tourism.

Resolution in support of Springs 2000

City of Colorado Springs, Colorado

in support of Springs 2000

WHEREAS, our entry into the third millennium on January 1, 2001 is no longer a distant possibility for the people of Colorado Springs, the State of Colorado and the world; and

WHEREAS, a hundred years ago, City leaders anticipated the growth of the Pikes Peak region and sealed a century chest addressed “to the citizens of Colorado Springs of the twenty-first century”; and

WHEREAS, Colorado Springs has grown throughout this century and has taken great strides toward becoming a millennium community through both citizen-based and city-wide planning for the 21st century; and

WHEREAS, the turn of the millennium will offer us the opportunity to honor the past and imagine the future, looking back to 1900 and anticipating the year 2100; and

WHEREAS, the Springs 2000 Commission is organized for the public benefit and exists to identify, encourage and assist millennium events and projects within the private sector-among business, technology, health, education, religions, arts, sports and tourism.


That City Council appreciates the foresight of those in municipal government and the business community who have worked for more than a year to develop the “Pikes Peak millennial season.”

That City Council supports Springs 2000 as the city’s official millennial season and the Mayor’s role as honorary chairperson.

That City Council urges all citizens from 1999 to 2001 to consider how they might leave a meaningful legacy for future generations;

Dated at Colorado Springs, Colorado this 27th day of October, 1998.


Mary Lou Makepeace, Mayor
Kathryn M. Young, City Clerk

To read more about the Century Chest, one of the Commission’s special events, see

or view a summary of a “Century of Faith” TV program that Jay Gary hosted in January 2001.

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