WAYSEE 2000–Fact File

The World Association for Celebrating Year 2000, founded by John Goodman in 1963, is voluntary, independent and worldwide.

  • It has member municipalities in 29 countries, spanning Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Latin America and the United States.
  • It encourages involvement at all levels; world national, municipal, corporate (e.g. companies, schools), individual.
  • Membership is strictly honorary; it depends on creative personal initiatives  — ‘act locally, think globally.’
  • Since 1975 WAYSEE 2000 has promoted a 25 Point Plan, encourage people to look after their environment and the quality of life, individual and communal alike.
  • WAYSEE 2000 especially applauds achievements which are diverse, locally based, sustainable in the long term and a potential source of inspiration to the world.
  • Since 1990 WAYSEE 2000 has been conducting a Countdown 2000 campaign. Central to this is the creation of Circles of Celebration Trees, or similar structures, as potential local Celebration Arenas for major public events in the year 2000 and beyond.
  • WAYSEE 2000 also encourages the celebration of local history and creation of time capsules, as a message and souvenir future generations.
  • WAYSEE 2000 members have all done something positive. This is the only way to become a member. If you let us know what creative action you have taken towards a world worth celebrating and being celebrated by year 2000 and beyond, you may well earn a free Membership Certificate.
  • By sending a subscription of just U.K.$5.00 per annum you can become a Friend of WAYSEE 2000 and will be entitled to receive an occasional newsletter.

The World Association for Celebrating Year 2000
31 Clerkenwell Close
Tel. 44-71-251-4818
Fax  44-71-490-0063

Director: Gerry Carter
Secretary: Paul Guest
Founded in 1963 by John Goodman

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