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Thank you for visiting JayGary.com. I created this site to help you reframe your future based on my latest papers, workshops, consulting, and features.

So many of our organizations today are over managed, but under led. They are overwhelmed by the complexity of wicked problems. My mission is to “help leaders re-frame the future,” whether in business, government, education, health, or non-profit. I have a passion to help enterprises use strategic foresight to recreate their business models.

Much like navigating the oceans, we need to reframe our course by setting our sights on the North Star, to insure we aligned to our vision and grounded in our values.

For example, from 1998 to 2000, I served as a consultant to cities, helping them launch community building programs that marked their passage into the 21st century, by reframing the present, based on the past and the future. Check out a speech I gave to Denver civic leaders in this regard, entitled, The Mile High Millennium.

My primary work since 2004 has been teaching reframing or foresight practices to mid-career professionals in graduate leadership programs. My research has followed in that vein, as some of my latest research has been on how foresight professionals might improve their competitive stance in the marketplace as analysts, managers or facilitators.

I enjoy helping companies, communities or universities create new training programs that focus on emerging issues, adaptive change and transformational leadership. For more see the Foresight Educator’s Bootcamp, a one-day program I offer each summer for trainers, HR officers, or academics.

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Yours for the great work of our time,

Dr. Jay Gary
Helping Leaders Re-frame the Future

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